Directorate of Higher Education, Maharashtra State, Pune - 411 001
Admission to B.Ed.(General), B.Ed.(Special Education) (Two Year Full Time Regular Course) 2018-20

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Please Read Updated Notice No:-4 Conduct of Round III for B.Ed. Before Applying for round – 3.

Most Important points for candidates who have confirmed their admission in round 1 and 2

i) All the Candidates who have confirmed their admission in the First and Second Round, System will NULL the Option form data(Choice Codes) filled in by the candidates, if they are desirous of seeking admission in the new college/s of their new choice, they have to fill and complete the Option Form & Approve the same with or without editing application form (Part I) for Third Round. If the Status of the Option Form of the Candidate is Incomplete for Third round, such candidates will not be considered for Third Round of Allocation by the System. Hence the Candidates are advised to carefully Fill, Complete and Approve the Option Form.

j) Candidates who have confirmed admission and also applying for this Third Round shall not fill in the allotted institution in their choice list. It will be added by the Software at the end of the list. Once the upward/New(other than admitted College) allotment is made, the earlier allotment of Round I and II will automatically stands cancelled due to Dynamic Allocation policy followed in Round III., Hence the candidates should give their options for Round III judiciously and carefully. . If such candidate does not get allotment for upward /New (other than already admitted college) in Round III, then earlier allotment of Round I or II will remain considered as allotted for Round III.